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Business / Plan of Operation

At present, ZHI does not hold shares of stock in any corporation, and its operations have been minimal. With the change in ownership, however, the Company is currently evaluating business opportunities to revitalize its operations.

Of late, the country has seen a surge in mining activity due mainly to increased prices of metal commodities. The Philippines, with its still considerable areas of metal deposits, is therefore in an excellent position to take advantage of this opportunity. Consequently, in its quest for profitable ventures, the Company is considering a shift in its purpose from an investment holding company to a mining entity.

The Company has been in discussion with several parties with mining interests, foremost of which is a firm with mining claims in Mindanao, for possible mining business venture. The area in Mindanao has been adjudged to have substantial nickel, copper and gold deposits. Since early this year, nickel has been in great demand in China, which demand has driven the price of this metal to record highs.

The Company is in the process of evaluating the economic and financial viability of this business and will make the proper and necessary disclosures once a formal agreement is reached by parties concerned.

The major stockholders have committed to support the operations of the Company. In the immediate term, the major stockholders will provide the cash requirements of the Company. For this reason, there is no expected major change in its operations, including significant changes in its manpower complement of planned purchase of plant or other major equipment. The Company has no ongoing research and development activities for the same period.

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